Gonzalo Rodriguez not too way back posted “Defending Inland Waterways: From the Institutes of Gaius to Magna Carta”. The abstract:

No single concern has had a additional necessary affect on the ebbs and flows of historic previous than water. Water creates civilizations, and water brings them to extinction. Even in the mean time, 1000’s of years after we realized to harness the power of water, we proceed to wrestle in determining the way in which to prioritize competing makes use of of water sources, the way in which to make water obtainable to all who need it, and the way in which to defend it. However, these are questions that individuals have confronted since as long as historic previous dares to recollect.

What components data civilizations of their dedication whether or not or not, and to what extent, to handle and defend inland waterways? This textual content seems to be like at four licensed codes from three distinct civilizations: From the Romans, The Institutes of Gaius and the Corpus Juris Civilis; from the Visigoth Kingdom, the Visigothic Code; and from the English, Magna Carta. This textual content proposes that, possibly additional so than inherited Roman customized, two models of issues influenced the extent to which these codes protected inland waterways: perceptions of water helpful useful resource abundance and the propensity for navigability and commerce of these civilizations’ inland waterways.

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