‘A plotte of the landes about Ashebourne’, Derbyshire. 1556–1557
(Folger Shakespeare Library)

One subject of English water-law historic previous is the dearth of reported water circumstances predating the nineteenth century. Fortunately youthful historians are doing good work in digging up archival documentation of water litigation. We heard a few years up to now from Leona Skelton about her attention-grabbing work on the Tyne River Courtroom, and now I would like to note Lehua Yim’s work on a sixteenth century water regulation dispute litigated throughout the Courtroom of Star Chamber: “A Watercourse ‘in Variance’: Re-situating a Sixteenth-Century Approved Map from Ashbourne, Derbyshire”, printed closing yr in Imago Mundi. The abstract:

Regulation-related English native maps, significantly these courting from the early- to mid-sixteenth century, keep in need of every in depth and shut analysis. On this text, a hand-drawn sketch map throughout the Folger Shakespeare Library, Washington, DC, is re-contextualized in relation to paperwork associated with lawsuits in The Nationwide Archives in England. These lawsuit paperwork, relating to disputes launched sooner than the courtroom of the Star Chamber throughout the mid-sixteenth century, allow us to acceptable the accepted date of the map’s creation, counsel its potential creator and set up its potential use at a time of accelerating cartographic consciousness among the many many educated programs. The importance of the manuscript map to 1 English family’s subsequent assertions of proprietary rights in a small stream working from Bradbourne to Ashbourne, Derbyshire, explains its provenance outdoor official courtroom data.

Star Chamber has gotten a nasty establish in the previous couple of hundred years, significantly throughout the US, however it was an mandatory courtroom throughout the early stylish interval, capable–as Yim’s article shows–of providing justice the place the widespread regulation courts could not.

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