The Public Space Evaluation currently posted (courtesy of an attention-grabbing and entertaining animated fast from 1956 by the American Petroleum Institute, entitled “Trip spot Earth”. As a result of the Evaluation explains:

Produced on the highest of the Chilly Battle, and made on the behest of the American Petroleum Institute (nonetheless crucial lobby for the U.S. oil and gasoline enterprise), this good little promotional film from John Sutherland Studios champions not solely the wonders of oil as is more likely to be anticipated, however as well as free-market capitalism. The surprisingly humorous cartoon tells the story of how the suspiciously Stalin-like chief of Mars, named Ogg, sends a barely calamity-prone citizen to Earth to find a better power provide for his poorly-running “state limousine”. The exploring Martian, in any case, lands within the USA and shortly discovers the quite a few and myriad delights of petroleum, and that, in distinction to his residence planet, rivals between corporations is rife. His take-home lesson (and one drilled into the viewer on fairly just a few occasions) is that “competing for the shopper’s buck” is important to the success of the oil enterprise and, in any case, the thriving nation as a complete. Delivering the data to Ogg once more on Mars, the chief replies defiantly that “rivals is downright un-Martian”, nonetheless the extraordinary Martians are to not be deterred and shortly rise as a lot as overthrow Ogg and organize a thriving oil enterprise (and capitalist custom) of their very personal — the short ending with the slogan “trip spot limitless” writ proudly all through the show display.

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