Roman Yu. Pochekaev simply these days posted “‘Water Regulation’ as an Instrument of Russian Imperial Protection throughout the Central Asian Khanates”. The abstract:

Water has always been an crucial helpful useful resource for Central Asian states and peoples. Utterly totally different rulers at completely totally different cases used water, and entry to it, as an instrument of political and even military have an effect on. When the Russian Empire expanded into Central Asia, seizing substantial elements of three central Asian khanates (Bukhara, Khiva and Khoqand) and established its private protectorate over these states, its moreover found that water was most likely essentially the most environment friendly means to handle the rulers and peoples of Central Asia. The utilization of water and irrigation protection as an instrument of rule was efficiently utilized by the Russian Empire in its relations with the Central Asian khanates and this has already been the subject of investigation. This paper analyses the licensed regulation of water use and the irrigation protection of the Russian Empire in Turkestan to have the ability to have an effect on the Bukharan Emirate and the Khivan Khanate by way of the epoch of the Russian protectorate (1870s–1910s). The paper demonstrates how the inside “water regulation” was a starting point in Russian protection in course of Bukhara and Khiva, and divulges that each subsequent stage was fastidiously linked to the evolution of the “water regulation” throughout the Russian Turkestan. The sources are official paperwork (along with licensed acts) of the Russian Empire, correspondence of Russian and Central Asian statesmen, memoirs of contemporaries and the notes of Russian friends to khanates (diplomats, engineers, and so forth.) who participated throughout the realization of Russian water protection in Bukhara and Khiva and can estimate its effectiveness.

Irrigation map of Turkestan
(Glavnoe Upravlenie Zemleustroistva i Zemledeliya, Otdel Zemel’nykh Uluchshenii 1914)

For additional on pure sources regulation in imperial Russia see proper right here.

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