New E book Group these days posted an interview with Eric Ash about his new e book, The Draining of the Fens: Projectors, In fashion Politics, and State Setting up in Early Stylish England (JHU Press, 2016). NBN writes:

Presently “The Fens” is mainly a misnomer, because the world of japanese England is now largely flat, dry farmland. Until the early modern interval, nonetheless, it was a space of wetland marshes. Eric Ash‘s e book… describes how The Fens was reworked into the setting everyone knows it as at the moment. As Ash explains, the marshes supported a inhabitants that took good thing about the luxurious grasses produced by the frequent flooding to work together in animal husbandry, with flood administration managed regionally by means of appointed commissions of sewers. Inside the late 16th century, nonetheless, a combination of environmental change and political shifts led the royal authorities to help proposals for large-scale drainage duties that may flip the wetlands into farmlands. Though the plans’ advocates argued that drainage would improve the value of the lands inside the space, the locals resisted such efforts to disrupt their strategies of life by means of a variety of approved and extralegal means. In response the crown moved from efforts to develop consensus for the plans to asserting royal authority in environmental administration with a view to start the duties, beginning by the 1620s the first of a sequence of efforts that over the course of the next half-century drained many of the fens inside the space.

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