The always vigilant Rechtsgeschiedenis Weblog not too way back posted on the Oxford Libguide on English licensed historic previous, noting that it surprisingly has a distinguished half on Forest Laws. The data explains the subject:

Often used to designate the licensed regime following the Norman conquest (or on the very least from temp Henry I 1100): “… the subjection of … enormous tracts of forest land to an alien and oppressive “forest laws” defending the royal hunt” …[ Baker, Introduction to English Approved Historic previous (4th edn 2002), 12[

It raised considerable problems with rights of possession: as an example, it was doable to be the licensed proprietor of land all through the designated house of a forest, and however not be succesful to “harvest” its produce, each by wanting wild sport or felling timber.

Already such a provide of grievance to be the subject of clauses throughout the first attempt to limit the royal power of King John, by 1217 had flip into the subject of a separate Structure (of the Forest). The arrival of this shorter structure was what consequence within the Magna Carta being so generally known as.

The forest laws was maintained by explicit officers (harking back to wardens, verderers, and foresters) and with two principal courts listening to bills of breach of the authorized pointers, the courts of attachment and the forest eyres.

Among the many many on-line sources well-known by the data are John Manwood’s [apparently his precise establish] 1598 Treatise and Discourse on the Lawes of the Forest[the 1717 model is proper right here], Jane Winters’s essay on Forest Laws, and the above image of the 1225 Forest Structure granted by Henry III, one amongst three surviving originals.
For additional on British forest laws, see proper right here.

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