A while once more Environmental Historic previous carried a consider by Daniel Simberloff of Ian Rotherham’s Eco-history: An Introduction to Biodiversity and Conservation (White Horse Press, 2014). Simberloff notes:

The extreme stage of Eco-history is a excellent 42-page “Timeline,” detailing in linear development 224 key components inside the historic previous of British nature conservation from AD 1000 to 2000: authorized tips notably, however moreover extinctions, introductions, establishment of nature reserves and environmental organizations. Rotherham concisely lists the impacts of each event, with further explication for about half of them. This half alone might very effectively be printed as a quick e book that virtually any environmental historian would value.

I don’t assume they’re related, nonetheless there’s moreover a very elaborate website online often called “Environmental historic previous timeline”, itself stuffed with little acknowledged nuggets of environmental-legal historic previous, resembling the reality that in 1970 US President Richard Nixon “issued an govt order… requiring industries to accumulate a federal permit sooner than dumping wastes into U.S. waterways or face authorized bills. This was the beginning of the US Nationwide Air air pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permitting course of.” Or that in 1779

Johann Peter Frank (1745-1821), writes A Full System of Medical Protection in Germany advocating governmental obligation for clear water, sewage strategies, garbage disposal, meals inspection and completely different effectively being measures under an authoritative “medical police.” This idea was successfully obtained and influenced protection in Germany, Italy and completely different shut by nations. The authoritarian technique did not sit successfully with the French, British or Folks, the place direct authorities controls developed solely in areas of explicit points resembling communicable sickness and sanitation.

There’s far more on this timeline, worth perusing and bookmarking.

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