Remaining June we held a conference at TAU Regulation to find the historic previous of commons thought: The Tragedy of the Commons at 50: Context, Precedents, and Afterlife. I’m snug to report that the papers have now been revealed inside the latest topic of Theoretical Inquiries in Regulation, edited by Carol Rose and myself, obtainable proper right here. I’ll put up further on the individual articles later; inside the meantime right here is the desk of contents (the issue moreover has just a few additional unrelated articles not listed underneath):

The Banality of the Commons: Effectivity Arguments In opposition to Frequent Possession Sooner than Hardin
Stuart Banner
Sooner than the Tragedy of the Commons: Early Stylish Monetary Problems with the Public Use of Pure Belongings
Nathaniel Wolloch
Commons and Environmental Regulation in Historic previous: The Water Commons Previous Property and Sovereignty

Alice Ingold
Chilly-Battle Commons: Tragedy, Critique, and the Approach ahead for the Illiberal Downside Space
Monica Eppinger
The “Commons” Discourse on Marine Fisheries Belongings: One different Antecedent to Hardin’s “Tragedy”
Harry N. Scheiber
Savagery, Civilization, and Property: Theories of Societal Evolution and Commons Thought
David B. Schorr
Historicizing Elinor Ostrom: Metropolis Politics, Worldwide Enchancment and Expertise inside the U.S. Context (1970-1990)
Fabien Locher
Indigenous Peoples, Political Economists and the Tragedy of the Commons
Michel Morin
Commons and Cognition
Carol M. Rose
Confronting Hardin: Traits and Approaches to the Commons in Historiography
Giacomo Bonan
Give Us Once more Our Tragedy: Nonrivalry in Psychological Property Regulation and Protection
Oren Bracha
Re-romanticizing Commons and Group in Israeli Discourse: Social, Monetary, and Political Motives
Amnon Lehavi
Garrett Hardin

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