Charles Wilkinson

Robert Fischman lately posted “Wringing Surprise from the Arid Panorama of Legislation”. The summary:

Charles Wilkinson

Charles Wilkinson’s estimable contribution to public land regulation scholarship is extensively cited however solely partly understood. From the mid-1970s to the mid-1980s he upended the sphere by elevating the diffuse public curiosity, displacing creation and adjudication of personal property pursuits as the sphere’s focus. Nevertheless, his subsequent scholarship grappled with an much more necessary problem that has been far much less famous. Starting within the late 1980s, Wilkinson explored how authorized establishments ought to decide the pluralistic, public curiosity. In trailblazing articles and books, he rose to the problem with site-specific particulars, compelling narratives, and aspirational themes. This work undermined the dominance of exogenous choice accounting as a method of figuring out the general public curiosity. As a substitute, typically using strategies from the humanities, Wilkinson promoted planning as a deliberative, value-shaping course of for crafting useful resource administration targets. His scholarship of the previous thirty years redefined the related inquiries for public land regulation scholarship. Specifically, he established bioregionalism, time, tradition, and marvel as place-building ideas important for translating justice and fairness into public pure sources choices.

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