Shourya Sen and Richard Adelstein not too long ago posted “Fishing Rights and Colonial Authorities: Institutional Improvement within the Bengal Presidency”. The summary:

We look at the evolution of fishing rights in colonial Bengal by means of a sequence of circumstances heard on the Calcutta Excessive Courtroom within the 1880s and culminating within the passage of laws in 1889. We posit an implicit relational contract between the colonizing British and the landowning class in colonial Bengal as a solution to perceive the concurrent evolution of fishing rights and establishments of governance within the area. The system of incentives created by this contract decided the event of fishing rights at an important second within the historical past of colonial Bengal and, extra broadly, turned a major mechanism of institutional change within the area. The evaluation additionally reveals the Calcutta Excessive Courtroom to have acted, albeit in useless, as a very impartial judiciary.

Macchi, a Muslim caste of fishermen, from Tashrih al-aqvam (1825)

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